LDG Designs New Logo for Bethel Enrichment Center


Lewis Design Group has been asked to design a new logo for the Bethel Enrichment Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina. The Bethel Enrichment Center is a 501(c)3 corporation formed to provide community support services in the areas of health and wellness, education, crisis assistance and economic empowerment. The group also sponsors an annual scholarship golf tournament with the support of a major corporation. The challenge was to design a logo that adequately reflected the strong commitment to community and the willingness to help in times of need. The logo consists of seven hands in a circle. The raised finger represent a readiness to respond to any need at any time. The number seven represents the biblical notion of completion and also the organization’s availability seven days a week. We chose to represent each hand with a different color to symbolize diversity.

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Ron Lewis is the principal partner in the firm Lewis Design Group, a Charlotte, North Carolina digital creative agency that specializes in corporate communication and web development assignments. Representative clients include Central Piedmont Community College, Emergent Technologies, Inc., Charlotte Enterprise Community, Ramos Associates and Tucker Publishing. Ron holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications from San Diego State University and is a member of various industry groups.