Anatomy of a Creative Brief

A college education continues to be one of the best avenues to a bright future. One segment of the student body population that continues to surprise is the non-traditional student. Loosely defined as students over 25 years of age, this group is turning on its ear our traditional notions of what a college student looks like. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, non-traditional students accounted for 38% of the 18 million students enrolled in colleges and universities in 2007. Indications are this group will remain steady and perhaps even grow a bit. Still there are barriers to continued growth: Costs and lack of confidence being two of the main impediments. Many non-traditional students believe that the cost of a college education is out of reach for them in their current economic state. Others believe that they lack the confidence to take on college-level work due to the fact that they have been out of school for an extended period of time or have never attended a college or university. My creative brief will address both these concerns and serve as the basis for the creative campaign.
The objective of this campaign is to increase enrollment for “Non-Traditional” students (those students 25 and older) by positioning York Technical College as an institution that actively promotes course offerings and that take into account the unique opportunities posed to this group. Design direction is based on both statistical and empirical data.
This campaign will feature actual, non-traditional York Tech students. Various headlines will reflect one of the two target points and the testimonial copy will tie-in with the headline. Visual elements should suggest happiness, excitement and a sense of engagement. The face of the campaign will be a 29-year old female student name Christina. Female students account for 56% of non-traditional students compared to 53% of traditional students. The primary media mix should consist of print, web, and outdoor/environmental targeting York County, Lancaster County and Chester Count.